I-40 at Washington Street

SIZE: 14’X48’
DIRECTION: Facing east for westbound traffic going towards Georgia Street exit
TRAFFIC: 78,260 cars per day
PRICE: 1200.00 per month

This new unit is one of only two billboards located between the I-40 / I-27 Interchange and Georgia Street. It faces east for westbound traffic going towards Georgia as well as Westgate Mall. It can be read from both the access road and I-40. This would make a great brand awareness or directional sign for any business.


This new premier digital billboard is located at the Washington Street Exit. It is the last billboard on the north side of I-40 before you get to the I-40 / I-27 Interchange. It reads to all local traffic going into Downtown. Also reads to all students exiting Washington Street who attend Amarillo College. It is viewed by all eastbound traffic going to OKC and DFW. Located in a dark area, this unit can be seen for miles at night. It would be a great brand awareness sign for any business.


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